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Training, Accreditation & Team binding for safety professionals providing services to the public

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Independent Medical Provider Licence

Vetting And Accreditation 


Providing Confidence to clients and employer(s) by allowing members to prove they meet high standards in patient care. Enhanced DBS, Clinical Grade, Basic Policy and CPD competencies are held and made available on our searchable database checked against a photographic Licence card once vetting procedures have been carried out.

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Accredited, Non Accredited And CPD Training  Equals Competence 


Our professional team is here to guide members on maintaining safe and professional competencies through cost effective accredited and non accredited CPD courses. Starting from First Aid right through to Paramedic level competencies. Our team will advise on how to maintain and grow as a safety provider in line with current legislation and best practice.


Medilink National Networked Radio 

Safety In Numbers


Accredilink with Zello have set up a national radio network similar to TETRA but without the costs.

This free service  gains access to a control monitored serviced 2 way radio link via a smartphone device or radio handset. linking Safety Providers, First Responders, Security Personnel and Lone Workers across the country on one secured network. This not only provides a safe and supported working environment for solo safety providers, but also a secure way to access assistance and advice at the touch of a button from the network.

Time To Licence Independent Medical Providers To Raise Standards


Example Of An IMPL Licence Card

It has to be accepted that the private sector has grown over the past decade and one of the biggest sectors recruiting from here is the events industry. The events industry is by far one of the fastest growing enterprise in the UK recruiting some 2.5 million safety and security staff annually to keep us safe.
In 2003 the SIA (Security Industry Authority) became regulated meaning that they directly reported to the Home Secretary under the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Not only did this make the industry more respected, it laid out basic standards and competencies to gain a licence.
Here in 2019 there still exists no similar laws or standards for the independent medical provider sector other than that of basic due diligence.


Accredilink is a non for profit venture that has assembled a team of professionals from Magistrates, Lawyers and Councillors to independently scrutinise applications for the IMPL adding successful applicants to an online database. All persons joining this register will receive a scan-able card to carry whilst working in the independent medical sector and be expected to maintain competences checked by a panel every year to re-register.

Checked by the panel will be CPD, Enhanced DBS, Core qualifications and any fitness to practice issues that may have been raised or reported concerning the applicant. This information will be displayed instantly from the online database if the registered professionals card is scanned on site, adding a further layer of due diligence and security to an event or service being provided.

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